Vladimir Dukelic

Vladimir is a representative of a new generation of film directors. Pursuing his interest into graphic design and photography and coming from a film-makers’ family, he started working in film at an early age. Albeit young, Vladimir managed to build a unique artistic expression and modern style, while maintaining his passion for realistic and close-to-life aesthetics. He is successful at addressing young audiences, with a keen sense of cinematic rhythm for any given genre.
A true new age director, who likes to get himself involved and “hands-on” with camera work, lights and all aspects of the creative and film-making process.

Directed and produced numerous ads and short films, seven short feature movies and co-directed several feature-length movies for international film studios.
After a scholarship as a graphic designer in Saatchi & Saatchi, got his master in film directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts. Worked in different creative positions, learned the ropes as an idea maker and a copywriter for Ad agencies, made award-winning campaigns as a creative director, even feeling the rush of reaching worldwide “number one” on YouTube, with his viral video for Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra.

Awarded for his works as a director and a producer, taking part in numerous film and advertising festivals, as a contestant, a jury member or a lecturer. Occasionally gives workshops and master classes and loves to talk about film-making, digital media and viral videos, and how to make them or how to break them.